Game Jams

Below are some of the game jams I’ve taken part in. This is not an exhaustive list but more a showcase of some of the ones I had the most fun making.

Relative Rumble

Relative Rumble, a two player brawler game created at the 2019 Global Game Jam.


STD RPG was meant as a joking, but slightly educational, game in the south park style.

When The Cull Begins

‘When the Cull Begins’ was created as a solution for Abertay’s 5th Serious Game Jam, which focused on the related connection of supplies in the Nexus. (Food, Water, Energy) The game achieved 3rd place in the competition.

Mixin, Matchin and Reaction

This game was created in answer to a brief by Saint Andrews University, for a serious game jam hosted at Abertay, completed over a total of two and a half days.

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