Budgeting App

While trying to keep track of my finances I noticed more and more that there was no apps that did only the small subsect of things I wanted. Or required personal information and bank access to do it – looking at you Yolt. For this reason I decided to make a simplistic android app that I could add the values to myself and get very quick visual feedback as to whether I was doing well or badly for a given month.

As a result this weekend project was born. I used Unity and relied heavily on their UI anchoring to create this application. The app has “Fixed” and “Variable” values that can be added to it. Fixed values roll over to the next month, whereas the Variable values are saved as a total for the month, and then the list is cleared when a new month begins.

By saving these values I could easily display graphs of how a set of month looked, as well as a quick view screen of the current month. It’s an app I’ve now been using for about five months at the time of writing. This has successfully made me think twice about ordering food a couple of times, so I would say it’s done it’s job successfully!

The github repo is available here.

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