Relative Rumble

Relative Rumble was a game created in response to the 2019 Global Game Jam theme of “Home”. Following the concept of “Mortal Kombat” meets “Family Game Nights” we created this game.

I worked as the sole programmer on Relative Rumble with the team LSB. Since the project was rather big in scope for a single coder within the time limit, I decided to lean onto Unity’s prefab abilities to assign the same script to multiple characters, since this could have all appropriate values set by the designers on the project through the serialized variables. It also allowed for quick inclusion of new characters with little code input.
Following this approach freed up time for me to assist in set up for showcases as well as getting the build ready for submission.

This game is playable on PC. The project can be accessed, and downloaded from the GGJ site: here

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