When The Cull Begins

When the Cull Begins is a game created in the space of around eight hours. It was created as a solution for Abertay’s 5th Serious Game Jam, which focused on the related connection of supplies in the Nexus. (Food, Water, Energy) The game achieved 3rd place in the competition.

The game is set in a post apocalyptic future in a settlement in Scotland. Global warming has caused mass floods in the area, and your settlement is the only high enough place to be safe for miles. As mayor of the land, you must decide who to let in and who to leave outside. This must be decided by a number of factors, including: age, skills, medical conditions, and the current state of affairs in your settlement.

Randomly generated characters can provide skills to increase all three resources: water, food and energy. However each person takes up use of water and food each day. So a balancing act ensues. To show the connection between the resources of the nexus, should one supply drop below zero and an abundance of the other two are present, some will be converted to stop settlers from starving or dehydrating to death.

No win state is present, to ensue the bleak tone of the game. The main aim is to keep settlers alive and to increase the population. Age and medical ailments can claim a settlers life at any time, so beware!

Executable for windows is available here: download

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