Space Invaders Streaming Service

Two separate programmes were created as part of this dive into networking to demonstrate data sharing. Both applications were created with the C++ programming language. One was classed as a server, which acted as the gameplay window. Through this a user could play a game of space invaders, which would reset should the player win or lose. Additionally a client window was created that allowed a user to connect to a launched server (if present) and watch the game unfold before them.

When a server was closed, the client would be displayed a message that the server had stopped responding or gone offline, before returning to it’s initial screen where a user could to try reconnect to a server.

This was my first ever dive into networking code, especially at such a deep level. Looking back at this project with the benefit of hindsight I can happily say it was one that gave me a good foundation into the workings of a networked system (client-server) that has been very beneficial in my career thus far.

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